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In actual use scenarios, in order to make stainless steel pipe fittings (stainless steel elbows, stainless steel tees, stainless steel large and small heads, stainless steel flanges, etc.) more beautiful and durable, there are different surface treatments. Let’s use stainless steel elbow surface treatment as an example to introduce some common surface treatment methods.
1. Rolling sand, also called shot blasting
Principle: Use a sand rolling machine to throw the rolling material (stainless steel shot) onto the surface of the stainless steel elbow, so that the surface of the elbow reaches a certain roughness and improves the adhesion of the paint film for subsequent painting. Or change the stress and improve the service life.
● The cleaning surface is not prone to moisture and embroidery;
● There is no need for compressed air to accelerate projectiles, and there is no need to set up a high-power air compressor station;
● It has high cleaning efficiency, low cost, few operators, easy to realize automatic control, and is suitable for mass production.
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Principle: Sandblasting technology is a surface treatment process that uses high-speed jetting of abrasives such as zirconium sand or quartz sand to impact the surface to achieve decontamination, grinding, drawing, polishing and other treatment effects. Sometimes, in order to achieve a better sandblasting effect, the surface of stainless steel pipe fittings will be rough polished and then sandblasted.
Advantages: Sandblasting can eliminate various undesirable surface defects, improve the surface quality of stainless steel, and improve the beauty of the product.
sand blastuiz
3. Brushed surface
Principle: Through manual drawing (industrial scouring pad) or mechanical drawing (flat-pressed abrasive belt drawing, wide abrasive belt drawing, centerless grinding), the surface of the stainless steel elbow obtains a non-mirror metallic luster.
Advantages: Compared with other surface treatments, the brushed surface is like silk satin and has a very strong decorative effect.
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4. Mirror surface
Principle: Use polishing and grinding equipment to use high-quality oilstone, diamond grinding paste and different grades of sandpaper to obtain a bright surface effect through rough grinding, medium grinding and fine grinding. Polishing grades are divided into normal, 6K, 8K, and 10K
Advantages: The mirror surface gives people a high-end, simple, fashionable and futuristic feeling.
mirror surface80a