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What is long radius? What is short radius?

2023-12-15 00:00:00
Let’s first understand the abbreviation of long radius and short radius.
Long radius stainless steel elbow:LR/EL/1.5D;
Short radius stainless steel elbow:SR/ES/1D;
The radius mentioned here refers to the bending radius of the stainless steel elbow.Long radius elbow refers to its radius of curvature equal to 1.5 times the outer diameter of the pipe, that is, R=1.5D. A short radius elbow means that its radius of curvature is equal to the outer diameter of the pipe, that is, R=1D.
Long radius elbows are the most commonly used ones. Short radius elbows are only used when encountering some special circumstances, such as insufficient installation space.
From a performance perspective, the wear degree of long-radius elbows is less than that of short-radius elbows, the corrosion force is also greatly reduced, and the resistance is also smaller, which is significantly better than short-radius elbows. Where the pressure is high or the flow rate is high, long radius elbows will be used. If the resistance requirements of the solid conveying pipeline are strict, a larger radius elbow will be used. Short-radius ones are generally used in low-pressure fluids or where there are restrictions on elbow installation.

Different implementation standards

Long radius stainless steel elbow: GB/T12459-2017; GB/T13401-2005; GB/T10752-1995; HGJ514-87; DL/T695-1999; D-GD87-0219.

Short radius stainless steel elbow: GB/T12459-2017; GB/T13401-2017; GB/T10752-1995; SH3408-1996; SH3409-1996.

Different center heights

The calculation formula for the center height of stainless steel elbow:diameter * multiple For example, the corresponding nominal diameter of the outer diameter 219mm is 200, then the center height of the corresponding long radius stainless steel elbow is 200*1.524=304.8, take 305;

The center height of the corresponding short-radius stainless steel elbow is 200*1.015=203

The specific detailed dimensions of stainless steel elbows can be viewed by clicking here.